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Thank you from WDC AL Australia for you attendance 2017

On behalf of Mary Barratt-Thompson and the WDC AL Australia organising committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the 2017 WDC AL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championships. I am still working through the endless emails and messages of appreciation, which are so humbling to receive.

Firstly to the competitors I do this all for. Without you the Championship would not be possible so thank you for supporting the event and what it stands for.

Secondly to all the adjudicators who stand up for their rights every year to be involved with WDC AL and Freedom to Dance. Without strong-minded individuals like yourselves the WDC AL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championships would not have the prestige it holds today, so thank you.

To my marshals, Philip Lowder, Louise Glennan, Steve Wiebe and Tina Puglisi. Thank you so much for the long, exhausting hours you work and fulfilling my one wish for the day, for the competitors to be happy. You may be out of site but you are never out of mind.

To the Ellis family, Greg, Debbie and Simon for transporting and hanging the WDC AL Australia sign. What a mammoth task this sign is and you truly are such genuinely, lovely, giving people. I really appreciate your help.

To Sharon Courts, Floor Manager. Thank you for bringing elements to the Championship that excite and inspire me to take it to new levels. Without your encouragement, the aspirations I have wouldn’t be the same. You are an invaluable asset to anyone’s team and I’m glad it’s mine you’re on.

To Martha Williams and Stewart Coleman, Dancescore. Thank you so much for the endless hours you spend programming and scrutineering the event. I will always value your expertise and ever evolving system that makes my life so much easier.

To Adele Hyland and Mark Wilson for compering. You kept the event running like clockwork and the little personal touches were personable in all the right ways. I love how you both think on your feet, down to the most minute detail.

To Neale Byrnes, Chairman of Adjudicators. Thank you for your expertise and for always having my back. It is a pleasure to work along side you and to be able to have you as a friend as well as a trusted colleague.

To DanceXS and A&L Florist for the most beautiful yellow floral arrangements. They brightened the room and have such a symbolic place in our championship with yellow being the trademark colour of Freedom to Dance.

To Michael Gunersekera and Keith Eaton, Music Directors. Thank you so much for such inspiring music. The mix of blackpool music, iconic champions show music and the most emotive tracks, the rave reviews speak for themselves. You’re the reason the competitors dance to their fullest potential every year.

To Ross and Rhonda Doughty. Thank you so much for your support again this year. Your generosity means the world to me and helps to keep the championship running year after year.

To Mr Albert Shields, Front of House Manager. For as long as I can remember, (memory recalling from when I was around 5 years old), you have been attending and been an integral part of the Australian Ballroom Dancing industry. Thank you for the gruelling hours, 7am to 11pm, you spend at the Championship and your utmost care within everything you do.

Finally, to my mother Rosemary. I have saved the most important for last. Thank you for the numerous occasions of sitting up and doing all nighters by my side and putting up with my grumpy tiredness. You are such an amazingly selfless woman and l loved every minute of the memories we create laughing and even pestering each other. Thank you so much for being the pillar of strength and encouragement you are. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year after a good weeks worth of sleep.

See you all again in 2018!!!
Dates to be released shortly

Mary Barratt-Thompson and the Production Team

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